WonderMill Electric Grain Mill vs NutriMill Electric Grain Mill

Let us start off with a small disclaimer. We sell both of these grain mills. We find them both to be GREAT grain mills. Our opinions regarding the advantages and disadvantages of both grain mills is based off of 5 years of testing and use of these grain mills

Benefits of the WonderMill Electric Grain Mill

The WonderMill Electric Grain Mill is our favorite choice between these two grain mills. Let us explain. The WonderMill Electric Grain Mill supercedes the Nutrimill in various ways:

-Ease of Use
-Customer Service

The WonderMill Electric Grain Mill is just easier to use. The flour canister is separate from the machine. This separates the mess away from the mill itself. When you finish grinding, you don't have to clean the mill. All the mess is isolated into the canister. You can then dump out the flour and easily clean the canister. Either in the dishwasher or by hand. The NutriMill Electric Grain Mill is all one piece this means that the flour canister is not separated from the mill. One might think this is an advantage but it is not. It creates much more mess and thus much more cleanup. When you finish grinding you have to carefully clean the bottom of the mill. It is always covered in flour and quite messy.

The WonderMill Grain Mill also doesn't have small parts and pieces to lose. The mill is simply composed of the mill itself, the flour canister and two lids. Where the NutriMill Electric Grain Mill has small parts and pieces that you have to worry about.

The WonderMill Electric Grain Mill is a much more powerful machine. Recently, one of our fellow WonderMill Authorized Dealers performed a "stress test" on the WonderMill Electric Grain Mill and the NutriMill Electric Grain Mill. In this test he took both machines and hooked them up to a continuous flow of whole wheat grain. He then let them empty into a large bin for the flour storage. After setting it all up, he started them running continuously. Now remember, these machines are home machines. They are not commercial machines. They are not made for this type of use and this would void the warranties. The point of this WonderMill Dealer was to see which one burned up first, and to see how long they lasted. The NutriMill was first. It lasted for about 3 hours, grinding roughly 300 lbs of whole wheat grain then if finally burned up. This was amazing and very great for a home grain mill.

Next up was the WonderMill Electric Grain Mill. The results of this machine were stunning. After 9.5 hours of grinding, and 1,000 lbs of whole wheat grain, the company performing the test finally decided they couldn't keep performing the test. It was late at night and the WonderMill wasn't going to stop it seemed. They decided after 1,000 lbs of grain and 9.5 hours, that they would just stop and call it good. THIS WAS INCREDIBLE!! We have seen no electric grain mill that performs like this. The power of this machine is that of a commercial one. Absolutely stunning.

Lastly we think the WonderMill Electric Grain Mill supercedes the NutriMill Electric Grain Mill in regards to customer service. The WonderMill Grain Mill Company is an amazing company. Whenever they are contacted, they respond quickly and efficiently. Their number one goal is to help their customers enjoy and have success with their product. We have seen that the L'Equip Grain Mill Company is similar but not quite as enthusiastic about serving their customers. If you have a problem with your grain mill, the WonderMill Grain Mill Company will quickly and easily warranty it for you, thus getting you on your way with your grinding needs. There is no waiting on hold or dealing with stubborn support specialists. Often times the owner of the company at the WonderMill Company will even personally talk to you to get you on your way. We don't want to talk bad about the L'Equip Grain Mill Company because they are a great company. But we have not seen from them such a desire to serve the customers as we have seen from the WonderMill Grain Mill Company.

Overall we think they are both great grain mills. In the end we think the WonderMill Electric Grain Mill takes the cake and is the better machine overall.